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Are You Feeling Unclear About
Your Purpose as a Midlife Woman?

Get a “Clarify Your Soul’s Calling” Session So That 
You Can Reveal Your True Gifts and Live a 
Deeply Fulfilling Life in Midlife and Beyond. 
My Midlife Sister,

I’m so glad you’ve made it here. It’s truly an honor to connect with you. 

You are in the right place if you dream of finding Passion, Clarity and Fulfillment in Midlife and Beyond.

You imagine a life where you…
make powerful, clear decisions about what’s next for you
know your authentic gifts and share them in a meaningful way in the world, and
are full of vitality, radiance and passion for your life!
Your time has NOT passed you by! Midlife is not the end - it’s the middle and a great opportunity to LET GO of old notions about yourself and REVEAL what is true for you.
A Fulfilling Life with Purpose, Clarity and Passion is here for you and YOU Deserve it! 

I know it feels daunting to reveal so much of yourself as a midlife woman when the authentic you differs greatly from the roles you’ve taken on thus far in your life. Secretly, you wonder if it’s worth the effort to reinvent yourself when you can live a relatively safe and comfortable life as you are - but it does cost you when you ...
become disengaged in your work and relationships,
are unclear on what brings you hope and meaning, or worse yet,  
you develop debilitating stress-related health issues. 
I get it - a few years ago, I was “gutting it out” in a high-stress job that didn’t satisfy me and that I wasn’t suited for. My stress hormones were off the charts and I had no energy to do the things I loved. I was surviving on anti-anxiety and mood stabilizers and simply going through the motions of my life. 

Something inside of me knew that I could find a solution to bring me back to my authentic, vibrant essence and once again lead a deeply satisfying life and truly make a difference in the world! 

You also have this same voice in you - the voice that tells you to let go of the pressures of the various identities you have, to come out from hiding and be unapologetically YOU.
Are you willing to answer the call of your soul to let go of old notions about yourself and feel into who you are supposed to be? 
It’s time to be daring and reawaken into the fullest version of yourself at midlife…
I did and it absolutely transformed my life!

I now feel connected, strong, energetic and have a big passion for inspiring midlife women to own their true gifts and live a deeply fulfilling life. I build my days around yoga, personal development and growing my purpose-based business on my own terms. My marriage is stronger than ever and I have a large tribe of soul sisters who inspire me and hold me to the highest version of myself. 

I know finding your soul’s calling is possible for you as well because I’ve been on the journey myself and know just what it takes. I can teach you ways to release the outdated beliefs about yourself that are holding you back so you can find what generates hope and meaning for YOU in midlife and act upon it with your own wisdom and power!
I invite you to get started with a Clarify Your Soul’s Calling Session.
Your 30-minute complimentary Clarify Your Soul’s Calling Session is a 1:1 call where we’ll:
uncover the biggest challenges that are stopping you from being fully connected to your life
create a vision for where you want to go
 come up with some powerful first steps toward clarity, passion and fulfillment, and
receive my professional recommendation to bring you to long-lasting transformation and freedom in midlife and beyond!
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No more waiting - no more putting yourself last or giving in to society’s view
that women over 45 are no longer relevant! 

The choice is now - if you are feeling a longing in your heart for more support, then do this for you
​​​​​​​and answer that calling and apply for your Clarify Your Soul’s Calling Session.
Apply right away! My calendar fills up quickly and I don’t want you to miss out as there are only a limited number of spots available. 

If you are truly ready to reclaim your authentic, vibrant and wise soul and share your gifts with the world, then I am here to show you the way. 

I look forward to hearing from you.
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